Provo Cottage Sale – April 18-21

buy Clomiphene online using paypal In the heart of the historic downtown Provo, nestled among all the Victorians and bungalows, just down the road from BYU is our next sale. Our client is a California transplant that collected antiques. This sale is a nice blend of well kept antiques, great household goods, yard and garage items. We have several handsome cabinets, a dining room set, chairs, a carved oak breakfast table, sofas, love seats, porch furniture, great kitchen items, home and garden supplies. Our client won a neighborhood home and garden beautification award so there are lots of useful supplies to get you ready for spring. Oh, and did we mention the  ornate, brass, working cash register? It’s neat. You could make your trip to Provo an all day excursion and visit the M.C. Escher and Tiffany Glass exhibit going on until May 19th at the BYU Museum of Art. Admission is free and it is only 1.5 miles from our sale! Cherry blossoms are going off everywhere on campus, it’s beautiful!