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best site Our founder, John Musgrove, was born in Bangor, Wales in 1918. Throughout WWII, he served in the British Navy. After the war, he settled in London where he established his own business, London Property Cleaners, one of his clients being Princess Elizabeth!  There arose an opportunity for John to emigrate to the United States and in 1953, he started Cambrian Property Cleaners, in Salt Lake City, Utah- Cambrian being a place name from his beloved homeland. John’s son Michael worked from an early age in the family business and later became partners with his dad. Over the years, the business morphed from cleaning and property maintenance into estate liquidating. In the 1980’s, Michael and his crew were doing estate sales full-time. Michael always had an affinity for antiques and collectibles so his focus shifted, for a few years, to operating an antiques shop (Buffalo Antiques Mall in historic Murray, UT) while doing estate sales on the side. In 2013, a big change came about when Michael’s son, Elliott, approached him with the idea to emphasize the estate sale business, become partners and give a proper, full-time, run together. Success came quickly, so much so, that two of Elliott’s sisters quit their full-time jobs and joined the team, making Cambrian Estate Liquidators a true family business. We feel that the “stars have aligned”, so to speak, in bringing together the experience from our early beginnings and adding the talents and expertise of our new team members.


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