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“Groovy Gregson” estate sale starts Wed., Aug. 28!

Round out your summer by coming to our “Groovy Gregson” estate sale! The client was an architect so there are lots of tasteful furnishings and décor and his wife was a Stampin’ Up distributor and owned her own craft business so there are lots of craft and art supplies too. Plus books, dishes, clothes, purses, baskets, yard and garden, holiday and furniture, including 5 sofas, an upright freezer, wedding dress, garage items and so much more! Everything cleaned and tagged! Runs Wed, Aug. 28 through Sat., Aug. 31, 9am to 6pm daily. 1721 E. Gregson Ave (3080 S.). See pictures on our Instagram account: Cambrian Estate Liquidators.

“Groovy Gregson” Estate Sale starts next week!

Our “Groovy Gregson” estate sale in Millcreek starts on Wed., Aug. 28, and goes through Sat., Aug. 31, 9am to 6pm each day. The home of an architect, it’s full of great furniture (including 5 sofas), patio furniture, lighting and décor items, plus books, dishes, baskets, clothes, a whole lotta purses, crafts (they owned a store and worked for Stampin’ Up), children’s furniture, toys and books, and much more. Round out your summer with some fun and stylish finds! Everything cleaned and priced! Address will be published the day before.

Provo Summer Sizzler starts Wednesday, August 7th!

It’s our “Provo Summer Sizzler” estate sale so grab a slushie and come find a hot deal on something cool! This house is full of antique and vintage items, like furniture, dishes, linens, books and décor items. Lots of newer things too, as well as quilting supplies (and quilts), books galore, yard and garden items, camping, china, clothing, tools and more. Sale runs Wed., Aug. 7 through Sat., Aug. 10, 9am to 6pm. 685 E 3950 N in the lovely Edgemont area. Everything cleaned and priced!

“Provo Summer Sizzler” Estate Sale

Our “Provo Summer Sizzler” estate sale starts Wed., Aug. 7, 2019. Find a hot deal on all kinds of great stuff, including vintage clothing, books galore, furniture (including early American and 4 beds), yard and garden items, tools, yard furniture, quilting fabric and supplies (including sewing machine), two vintage dining table and chair sets, kitchen, vintage quilts and linens, and more. Grab a slushie and find something cool!

Half Price Day, “Treasure Cove” estate sale!

Saturday, June 22, is Half Price Day at our “Treasure Cove” estate sale. Everything is half off the marked price. Come take in the amazing views and find a treasure for a great price! 4638 S. Idlewild Dr. (3350 E. off Bernada and Wasatch Dr.), 9am to 6pm.

“Treasure Cove” Estate Sale, Wed., June 19 – Sat., June 22, 2019

Our next estate sale is a treasure trove in Olympus Cove! There are lots of fun vintage and retro furniture, books, quilts, dishes, kitchen, jewelry, garage and patio items, including many original oil landscape paintings. It starts Wed., June 19 and runs through Sat., June 22, 9am to 6pm each day. Come stake your claim on your own prize! Address will be published the day before.

“Springtime in Holladay” Estate Sale

Our “Springtime in Holladay” estate sale starts Tues., May 28. Address is 4647 S. Chapel Dr., just off Murray-Holladay Drive (at 2565 E.). It runs 9am to 6pm through Sat., June 1. It’s a big house in a beautiful neighborhood with a lifetime accumulation of household and garage items, including furniture, dishes, clothing, books (including cowboy themed assortment), fishing, camping, jewelry and much more. Come in out of the rain and treasure hunt with us!

“Springtime in Holladay” Estate Sale

Our next estate sale is in the lovely Holladay area in a big home full of a lifetime accumulation of furniture, dishes, clothing, books (including a cowboy themed assortment), camping and fishing, linens, décor and more. There’s so much to sell we’re starting on the day after Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 28 and running through Saturday, June 1. Come find a treasure! We’ll post the address the day before the sale.