“Cabin Comes to Commonwealth” estate sale starts Thursday, Dec. 5th!

http://ogehcynthia.com/my-calendar/?dy= Our “Cabin Comes to Commonwealth” estate sale is here! We packed up the contents of an entire cabin in Oakley and hauled it down to the Commonwealth Studios because it was too cool to pass up! The client was a prominent interior designer here and in Las Vegas and had great style. There are lots of American Indian and Western art pieces, rustic furniture and décor, fancy brass beds, blankets and throws, vintage lamps, antique and collectible furniture, kitchen items, books, and so much more! Starts Thursday, Dec. 5, at 9am and runs till 6pm each day except Sun., Dec. 8 when it closes at 4pm. (Sunday is half price day). Located at 150 W. Commonwealth Ave. (2125 S.) in South Salt Lake. **Please park in the lots east and across the street to the west of the building and NOT in front of the building, thanks! Everything cleaned and reasonably priced!