Big Lebowski Estate Sale in Riverton

In the rolling hills near the Jordan River sits our Big Lebowski sale in Riverton. This is one of our biggest sales, if not the biggest, and we have been liquidating estates for over 30 years! Our client had lots of quirky interests. The house is stuffed to the gills with treasures, it took us 8 weeks to process (usually only takes us 2-3) working 7 days a week! The client came from a wealthy family with lots of hobbies and interests, he was a clown for the fire department for decades teaching fire safety to children. He collected everything under the sun, we can confidentially say this is the only estate we found a Korean War ambulance parked in the garage. The three car garage is packed with full wood working equipment, quality USA made craftsman era. A working wood lathe, band saw, drill press, radial saw, tool boxes, tool cabinets, tool chests spanning from early century to current day. Tons of man cave decoration potential with authentic vintage garage collectibles. Mountains of hand tools, saws, screw drivers, sockets, ratchets, an entire hardware store worth of hardware, nuts, bolts, and screws.

Then you go into the house…lots of furniture, cabinets, Chippendale dining chairs, heirloom bicentennial rocking chairs, charming side tables from every decade, Asian collectibles like baskets, a solid jade lamp, delicate bowls and containers. Nautical treasures, remnants from a yacht with no expense spared, an antique boat compass, Abercrombie and Fitch fly rod roll, cool old fishing gear. Large kitchen bursting good quality new kitchen ware, volumes of Americas Test Kitchen cookbooks, and tons of catering equipment. A room full of records and movies. So much firefighting gear, suits, helmets, fire safety education manuals and fun stuff for kids. Heavy duty Manfrodo Borgen tripods and camcorder gear. Lots of cat care equipment like cat climbing towers and toys. Vintage army gear like sabers, canteens, uniforms, and hats. Clown costumes and gear, magic tricks, balloon animal supplies and yo yos. Books old and new. Tons of audio and apple computer equipment, surround sound systems. Harman Kardon. Vintage trunks, crates and barrels. Antique stereo viewer. A ton of pocket knives. Old 8 mm projectors. This sale is not to be missed!